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Client Handouts

Downloadable client handouts teach massage clients self-massage techniques for areas of the body that often cause pain and discomfort. With this packet of "Self-Massage" handouts, clients can learn how to massage their own head, face, neck, shoulders, feet, low back and more.

It just takes minutes to purchase, download and add your contact information. After that, you choose — print, upload to your website or email to interested clients!

$10.00 ea

Self-Massage includes these 7 handouts:

  • Self-Massage for Head & Face
  • Self-Massage for Low Back & Buttocks
  • Self-Massage for Runners
  • Self-Massage for the Neck
  • Self-Massage for the Feet
  • Self-Massage for Arms & Shoulders
  • Shiatsu for Less Stress & More Energy

TipQuick Tip: Don't forget to add your contact information to every handout. That way, your clients remember who gave them this piece of advice, adding to your reputation as an authority. The handouts can also serve as another contact point for reaching new people.